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Die Fakten sprechen eine andere Sprache. Investors who ignore sustainable investing often justify their actions with a concern that it might not yield returns. The facts clearly prove otherwise. Businesses increasingly pay attention to ESG issues and good governance. This is due partly to a genuine belief that these are important factors for success, and partly due to increasing outside pressure. Investors as well as the general public are becoming more aware of aspects other than financial figures or conventional reporting.

Moreover, regulatory changes guide corporations toward more sustainable behavior. The treaty marks a turning point on paper, but still needs huge efforts to be implemented. In the News. Learn more German language.

Foto: Alex Brandon. Learn more. By Beverly Chandler, AlphaQ.

Corporate Culture and Performance

Read on AlphaQ website. El Pais, 19 July Learn More. Germans could have won the war if they had really prepared for it. Quote: "The general impression was not one of a nation armed for total war. It was rather that of an economy which mobilized first of all for relatively small and locally limited wars, and which only then reacted to the requirements of the military situation, after the latter had become a hard fact" retranslation.


Much unique information. Beautiful, consistently brilliant, witty, writing style. Many amusing anecdotes; also much trivia. Quote: "There is hardly any doubt that Germany, in , was far from prepared for a long, full-scale war. Current German military production was inferior to that of the British and French put together, and the Germans had remarkably few reserves… In a word, the Germans were armed for a two-month blitzkrieg, such as they waged in Poland.

In no way were they prepared for the type of war in which they then became involved" retranslation. See below. See also Psychological Factors in Peace and War [place]? Wright was a professor at the University of Chicago and a well-known author on international law. Both usually sold abridged; complete editions are well over 1, pages long. Footnotes and references lacking in abridgements. Sorokin is almost never mentioned except in connection with Volume 3 of his 4-volume set; often available separately, complete. Marred by much typically Jewish profanity. Abrechnung im Zeichen von Glasnost Munich Shifrin was an Israeli and former officer in the Red Army; father murdered by Stalin; served in Gulags; emigrated to Israel in Illustrated with maps and drawings.

Dmytro, Der ukrainische Hungerholocaust. Very detailed. Sr father of the aviator , The Economic Pinch [place]? James J.

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  4. The League of Almost Superheroes: Stories.

Ein Amerikaner stellt richtig Berg Nuremberg forgeries, etc. Deutsche Generale vor den Siegertribunalen Leoni German armaments, peace offers. Original titles unknown. These fantastic books are apparently unobtainable. Smith was, or is, a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles. Many other books by the same writer are likewise unobtainable; either that or they were never published in English.

Many references.

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  • Die Geschichte der Ehrenwerten Gesellschaft. Crocker, above. Spaight combines the provocative frankness of the Ulster loyalist with the opportunism and cant of the English; a unique combination illustrating the total destruction of a great mind by the corrosion of hypocrisy. I have never read a book with more self-contradictions than this one. LANG, Dr. Human soap factories, etc. Delmer, a Jew, and later an officer in the Israeli army, wrote many books bragging about his mendacity. Shows considerable empathy. Neilson was a member of the British Parliament who left Britain in protest against the declaration of war in and emigrated to the USA.

    Rosek was an American historian of Polish descent. British and French guarantees to Poland were never based on true friendship but on balance-of-power considerations. Hewett, instructing the recipients, on behalf of the Ministry, to distract attention from Bolshevik massacres by means of "atrocity propaganda directed at the enemy", because otherwise there might be the danger of an "improper slanting of public opinion". It was no longer to lie as crudely as during WWI. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Reference work entry.

    This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Badertscher H ed Die Schweizerische Konferenz der kantonalen Erziehungsdirektoren bis Haupt, Bern Google Scholar.

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    Dezember Systematische Sammlung des Bundesrechts, , 10 Google Scholar. Mai Bundesblatt, pp — Google Scholar.

    “A Complete Course on the Theoretical and Practical Parts of Midwifery”

    Der aargauische Erziehungsrat — BfS a Bildungsfinanzierung. Ausgabe BfS b Kantonale Stipendien und Darlehen BfS Weiterbildung in der Schweiz Mikrozensus Aus- und Weiterbildung Criblez L Requirements for a democratic education organization. Very dry writing style, crammed with horrifying statistics of every kind.

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    Many footnotes and references. See also Le Myth des guerres de legitime defense P. FAY, Dr. Quote: "If our English people had lost the war, and if were robbed of sovereignty over our own land and subjected to the dictates of foreign powers and a hated treaty, we would have fought to become strong again and to regain our old freedoms in exactly the same way.