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Over and over, I’ve seen indescribable success and breakthrough with intercessory fasting.

Jesus performed this miracle in the bible days and can still do it now. I would be going on a seven days fast and I know I am coming out victorious. I would be praying for all austic children, using my son as a point of contact. It is well.

I have high functioning Autism but as a long standing Christian who has just has an assessment I perceive the condition differently from the reactions recorded here. As a child I was forced into conformity in all categories.

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Mentally physically and emotionally. This does not help as for me those of my kind require something different. My experience in the Spirit is that I am created as I am by divine appointment and choice. I know and realise that I am different in every way. When as Christians or as carers we pray for healing for those in our family or churches that are different what are we craving for. My argument is that we exercise love respect and understanding not conformity to a prescribed norm.

It is part of the calling of Christ not to be conformed to a worldly way of thinking or behaviour regardless of the impact we experience in life from loved ones. Again I say to you why do autistic people need to heeled. Because to make that argument in the first place is to disrespect the produce of the maker.

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Who is to say that autistic people should not exist as they are. I am 53 and have been a Christian for 30 years and known much persecution disrespect and vileness from many people. Do you want to remove my identity as well. I find it theologically disturbing that the Christian answer to this phenomenon of human behaviour is one of removal.

A well known German leader championed the same argument. Its completely understandable but not 1 Cor What expression of faith should we provide for our autistic loved ones that can grow past the limitations that this conditions imposes. In my experience of life Christ is becoming the master of my autism. This is the reality of the picture of Revelation. At the end of all times all this created universe all things are required by law to submit to Christ. This is the challenge of faith and life in relationship with God. Hi Daniel…you make a good argument, I understand what you are saying, that God created you this way and loves you and so why would he change you?

This diagnosis is an integral part of your identity so if He took it away, He would be taking away the part of you that He created. I have also read about Deaf people using this same line of thinking. It makes sense! It takes nothing away from you.

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Second, I know you believe God made you this way and you may be absolutely correct, but what if—just imagine for a moment that there could be an outside chance that perhaps—He made YOU but not the you with Autism? What if you could be Daniel 2. My grandson is high function autistic my granddaughter his sister is severe nonverbal autistic we have done everything to help them may I please ask for my grandbabies prayers to heal from autism we suffer as much as they do in the name of Jesus that they heal and all the kids in the same situation and other sickness all kids deserve a better happy life amen.

There is a component of faith that we have to reach that is hard for parents because we see our child instead of seeing something that we must pray against. Jesus healed immediately, He cast out demons immediately. We have to either believe He is able to do the impossible or not. My son is 9 and was diagnosed at 3 with epilepsy and autism.

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His life has been one long nightmare. My heart is broken. His brother is schizophrenic and has multiple health issues. I have prayed for him and got the best help but now he is suicidal.

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I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. I have no other family except for them. My Pastor is very understanding and kind. She is going to work with him one on one. Please pray he gets healed. So he wants to live and not die. Between the two of them with no family at all I have seen Jesus work miracles. But not yet for my addicted son. His name is Joseoh. Please pray for him to break this addiction. And most importantly Jesus just shows him what a kind, wonderful person.

He is in Jesus eyes. Thank you. My son is autistic mentally retarded bipolar and ADD I have been a single parent 24 years now the food stuff is to expensive but sure could use prayer and have been looking for a place to do deliverance on us. I will pray for you. My 28 year old has been suicidal for a number of years now. He abuses over the counter medicines. My Pastor has just begun to work with him. God will help you find someone to intervene I have been single for years. My other son is schizophrenic. But God works miracles and deep in my soul I know my son will be healed in the name of Jesus.

Hold onto Jesus. I finally after all these years have been blessed. My son will heal. God loves you. I will pray for you too. Hi Ela and all, Same here I feel God is leading me to believe He would heal all sickness including and esp for me.. My son was diagnosed today hence I am here searching for someone who would pray with me and believe the same.. I am so heartbroken.

But I also work as a nurse and have had many autist patients. I feel that God is leading me to them so I could pray for them and lately I have been thinking a lot about healing for autists.. I believe God has made me experience the pain by having a child with it myself so I could pray for others in the same situation.

How I cry to God for my patients and those kids all the time. Much more now for my own little boy… let us believe for healing for them I beg of you all. I need a prayer partner, anyone be? God heals all sorts.. God bless you. Please reply. I have two sons on the autism spectrum. My fifteen year old has Aspergers. He struggles at school because he feels so alone and gets depressed. I am asking God to heal heal him completely. I will stand with you in agreement for completely healing in your child.

Healed From Autism

I know the heartbreak you feel. God is good and He has a good plan for our lives. Unto them that believe all things are possible…whatever the two of you agree on earth shall be bound in heaven…I will agree with you in prayer…. With God everything is possible. Do not doubt. Jesus has told it can be cured by prayers n fasting.