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Suggestions for use: A lovely simple song based on those who visited baby Jesus in the manger. This can be sung as a whole class or used as part of a Nativity play.

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This is a song that could be learned as a stand alone song or added to your Christmas Nativity play. It could be sung when baby Jesus is born, giving an opportunity for more parts in the play. Suggestions for use: A nice song about baby Jesus's birth can could be learned as a stand alone song or added to the Nativity play. A Christmas song that can be sung as a whole group or with versus given to 6 different students. Actions can easily be added to this song to make it more interactive for the class.

Suggestions for use: This song can be added to your Christmas performance or can be taught as a stand alone song. It can be sung as a whole group or with parts given for each verse.

Online interactive animation whereby students can play the beats to deck the halls, jingle bells and we wish you a merry Christmas by pushing on the reindeer noses. Each nose creates a different sound. Very good for students to learn to lesson to sounds and to distinguish one sound from the other. Suggestions for use: Project from the board and allow different pupils to try out the song. Carols for SATB voices suitable for practising piano sight reading. All in pdf format. The lyrics from the Christmas song, Night in Bethlehem are available on this website in both Irish and English.

These lyrics can be used to teach this song in Irish to your class. These lyrics can be used to teach this song in Irish to your class as part of your teaching of the theme 'Christmas'. These lyrics can be used to teach this song in Irish to your class as part of your teaching of the theme Christmas.

The lyrics for the Christmas song, Silent Night, are available on this website in Irish. This song can be used as part of your lessons on Christmas. A worksheet on google drive with space provided for students to organise their christmas card list. Students can record the name and address of the people they plan to send a christmas card too.

A tick box is also provided for students to tick when they have the card made. Suggestions for use: Use the worksheet in class to allow students to explain who are the christmas friends and the impact on card sending.

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First year students will enjoy the excitement of Christmas science in the classroom with these fun engaging science experiments. Use the experiments as a guide to building a creative and festive science classroom. Suggestions for use: Last lesson before Christmas is a perfect time to promote the nature of science in the classroom with these engaging Christmas experiments. Set up rotation stations for students to try out a number of these experiments in a double lesson.

Can your class link to the scientific terminology behind each Christmas experiment? Suggestions for use: Use this experiment after work on magnets so that children have a grasp of positive and negative forces. Experiment with other materials in the classroom. Hint: torn up tissue, paper and other light objects will ne easily picked up with the charged balloon. An easy experiment to complete with student.

Preparation involves freezing a sleigh in a block of water. Students need to brainstorm ways in which they can save Christmas by freeing the Sleigh from the block of Ice without breaking the sleigh. Students will learn about melting, freezing and changing of state. Suggestions for use: Show the science problem and allow time for students to brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Students must then investigate their hypothesis through observing what happens.

Teachers should read the blog post as a guide to carrying out the activity. This is a lovely experiment as the children can see changes quickly and assess whether or not their predictions were correct. Suggestions for use: This experiment can be conducted in groups, or as a whole class. This Christmas science and sensory bottle is a fun way to explore magnetism. Young children will love dragging all the pieces around with a magnet.

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Suggestions for use: A fun simple lesson that the class will find great enjoyment in. A Christmas twist on a classic science experiment makes for Christmas color eruptions! Kids will be excited by the eruptions and surprise bursts of color! When bells are put in a jar with soda, will they dance?

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A simple fun Christmas experiment to do with your class. Have you ever rubbed a balloon vigorously against your clothes and stuck it to a wall?

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I bet you have! Resource includes a template for teachers to print out in card to represent the sleigh. Materials needed include string, straw, balloon, sticky tape, scissors, peg and balloon pump. Student instructions are also provided for teacher use. Suggestions for use: A festive Christmas lesson on forces can be planned using this website as a guide.

A clever blog post with resources provided on the website. Resources include egg drop challenge planning worksheet and the egg drop challenge recording sheet. To make the task more challenging limit the materials allowed by students. Ensure time is given for evaluating the scientific design, the science behind the design and adjustment of the design to cater for recommendations. Suggestions for use: This is a STEM activity promoting the key skills of working together, communicating, managing information and being creative.

It links nicely to forming hypothesis, observing, recording, forming conclusions and creating future recommendations. Link to Christmas by saying the egg is the present dropped from the sleigh. Calculate the probability of a White Christmas for using this question card with statistics from Met Eireann.

Suggestions for use: Use this card to supplement a lesson on Chance. Christmas maths resource from Topmarks website. Activities include matching numbers to objects, ordering, counting, bonds to 5, bonds to 10 using Christmas tree decorations, baubles, snowmen and Christmas crackers.

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Suggestions for use: A nice revision tool at Christmas time to project onto the board for class involvement. Practice addition skills with sums up to 20 in this fun puzzle game. Solve each addition problem then drag the puzzle piece to the correct answer. Suggestions for use: A game that can be used to asses addition in your classroom.