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  • Debate Heats Up Over Quantum Reload Tournaments!
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Galen Hall, the European Poker Tour PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event champ, does not believe this will hurt recreational players as they enjoy playing against big name players and get excited to play in WPT events when they can. He did add, though:. IMO the biggest losers here are the second tier pros, the mid level grinders who are are better than the fish but worse than the elite pros.

Quantum Poker: Summing Up Everything You will Ever Need to Know About Poker

But once you allow elite pros to re-enter 3 times and also buy directly into day 2 which causes elite pros to play events they would otherwise skip , then all of a sudden they have negative ROIs. He said:. The poker economy is constantly evolving. Each year there are hundreds, if not thousands, of poker tournaments throughout the nation and the world.

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Players always have a choice as to which events they choose to play based on buy-in, prestige, and location. This newer QR concept has been a huge success for the Bicycle Casino throughout our poker series and is now an opportunity for the WPT players to experience this prize-pool increasing format, while allowing players of all skill levels and bank-rolls to play.

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The argument over Quantum Reload tournaments is an interesting one, one with sides which both have valid viewpoints. The debate will no doubt rage on, especially if Quantum Reloads become more frequent; we shall see how it all plays out.

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Overview Quantum Poker is the first poker strategy book to completely and correctly define how to make the best in-game decisions by employing unprecedented methods. From hand range and combinatorical analysis, to equity distribution by street, you will learn the necessary tools to be the best poker player that you can possibly be. For more information, check out www. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

Is the Quantum Reload Concept Good for Poker?

Related Searches. I gave it up pretty quickly though, as it never really seemed worth the money, and I never developed any strong long term relationships with any of my students. I have done a couple videos on PLO, but I am not the best player to learn from. I consider myself one of the best in NLHE, even though I know plenty of people that are a lot better than me. I believe in the simulator, look to it for answers, and follow its advice. That has led me to understanding some more abstract concepts and being able to talk about the game in depth.

And you can make money at if you perfect your strategy. Actually, how about an epic failure.

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He was very serious about studying the game and improving. We discussed the terms and agreed that I would only do it if he agreed to a large number of lessons up front.

The kind of advice I give can actually mess up your game in the short run as it is easily misapplied. After the first couple of lessons, things seemed to be going fine. He was starting to understand the concept of a range and how to apply it, but was still a long ways from becoming a master. He completely quit after losing one buy in at the local casino… I was in shock.

I mean one buy-in…and I know he understood variance too. Aside from launching openfacesolutions. Being a professional poker player has really crafted me for success in the real world, and I am finally ready to take a leap into business. Quantum Poker and Open Face Solutions.