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Them I'm gone before the dust sets. I fight a war among the shadows.

La pluma es más poderosa que la espada

Gotta be wary where the sand blows. Attack got the world on my back.

Gotta write our own story. Cause I know that we're the last hope.

Lullaby of the Onion

Where it all ends. It begins. I'm fighting this evil. Estoy luchando contra este mal.

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I soar like an eagle. And all that is left. A feather in blood.

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This city needs healing. My dreams are now breathing. It takes a spark to start a fire.

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In the land of snakes and liars. I'm going where the Gods forbid.

Contenido destacado

Back to where it all begins. So my actions will inspire. I put my life out on the line now. I risk it all before my time's out. Broken world of kings and queens.

Relatar um problema. Samwell, toma una pluma y tinta. Samwell, fetch a quill and inkwell. At the point of death, he took a pen dipped in the blood of an ostrich captured for food and wrote a note that he placed in an empty rum bottle, which he then threw into a river and which would reach the sea weeks later.

Difference between "un pájaro" and "un ave"

Toma una pluma y ponte en la fila. Grab a feather and get in line. Linda, toma una pluma. Honey, here's a pen.

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El atacante mostraba una destreza asombrosa. Tomaba el escalpelo como quien toma una pluma. The attacker demonstrated remarkable skills, handling the scalpel like someone holding a feather , and working with the trademark dexterity of the most delicate professions. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Suggest an example.