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Caribbean creole is the most spoken and borrows words and grammar from African cultures. Reunion Creole takes from Malagasy and Indian languages. They both sound like simpler French in grammar and pronounciation, with some borrowed words. But since only people from our overseas departments speaks them, there's no reason to learn them thinking you'd be able to be understood. No easy way out of Parisian French for French learners ; Finally I'd like to point out that each region in France has their own patois and accents, sometimes even different languages Corsican is closer to Italian and Breton is closer to Gaelic and Irish.

Southern and Northern accents are very pronounced, Eastern accent a bit less so, and we have some weird expression. And I guess that's all for now, very nice introduction video, and I encourage every learner to pursue their efforts in learning French.

Our language is tough, but it can convey meanings and emotions with a precision and a harmony that no other could. I am Belgian and there are some differences between Belgian French and French. We call these different words or expression, specific to Belgium "belgicismes". Most of Belgians or French people are unaware of these differences , but once you speak with a French guy there are sometimes misunderstandings.

I initially wanted to make a list of French words from Belgian French but I realized that there were more words and expression than expected. Shane Phaneuf 15 hari yang lalu. French is a dying language, especially in Canada and the US. Even in France, I expect it will become secondary to other languages.

There is a weakness in the French mentality which ensures this. Adriano Machado 15 hari yang lalu. TheSaltube 17 hari yang lalu. Ma langue maternelle est le portugais. Je parle assez italien et espagnol. Shalan 18 hari yang lalu. Nikocum 18 hari yang lalu. I'm from southwestern France and now live near Paris. HC Draconis 18 hari yang lalu. Regarding Quebecois variants, this video presents nothing different from usage in my home province.

However the nasalities have in many cases shifted or vanished. Paul Martin 18 hari yang lalu. You said that "il porte" represents the 3rd person masculine singular conjugation. But I don't think verbs have gender except participles. Sabrina 19 hari yang lalu. J'apprend lespanol maintenant. On arrive a un niveau en francais ou on a le sentiment d'avoir bu trop de sirop erable.

C'est tres difficile a quitter la langue Francaise, cest comme femme fatale , si tu la veux cest comme attraper le fumee aux main, si tu l'ignore elle elle est la en frappant a ta porte. Jespere que l'antidote a francais et l'espanol. TheGreatestShenFan 19 hari yang lalu. Liam Redo 19 hari yang lalu. Very late comment. Additionally, the conjugation of these tenses isn't very straight forward, in my opinion. For instance, passe compose took me many months to master, whereas Japanese past tense only took me a few hours.

I feel conjugation is much more logical in Japanese. As a native French speaker : I feel you, even French people have a hard time with all the tenses and everything, spelling is also very hard.

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Anyways congrats on you learning Japanese! Shaolin fg 2 hari yang lalu I'm french from Paris but I know that in Quebec they use a different vocabulary which sound a little old words used like years ago. Langfocus 3 hari yang lalu Thank you! Laureen Light 4 hari yang lalu As a French native speaker, I can say that the French from France, Belgium and Switzerland are almost the same but when it comes to Quebec French, there are many differences.

MR Wolf Mapper 4 hari yang lalu caca. La Folia 6 hari yang lalu French here!

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Nemesis 5 hari yang lalu Et sinon, tu pues toujours du cul? The Crazy Goat 7 hari yang lalu I'm from Normandy and in Norman even it's almost nobody speak the dialect anymore the word ''jardin'' is gardin with the ''gu'' sound wich looks like garden..

La Linguisterie #2 - Le créole est-il une langue ?

SgtMcDick 8 hari yang lalu Regional dialects in France still exist but they're almost all dying out. Breno Bacci 9 hari yang lalu As a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese who's been fluent in English for almost 20 years, and who's been improving a lot on his French for the past 7 years or so Paranewton 9 hari yang lalu French is not already what it was. Arthur Araujo 10 hari yang lalu i find it cool, in Brazil we say things like "Eu nao vi ninguem" or "eu nao comi nada", which would be like the "Je n'ai vu persone" and "Je n'ai mange rien".

Vincent Maurais 3 hari yang lalu Yep! Emmanuel Andry 12 hari yang lalu Hi! I hate the smell. Practise saying them out loud. I want to see a musical tonight! Exclaim 3.

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