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The songs were just part of the Thriller craze. The Moonwalk itself became a sensation. The video featured a narrative story that started with Jackson and an on-screen girlfriend Playboy Playmate Ola Ray watching a movie about a werewolf. The couple left early from the movie and as they started walking home , ghouls began emerging from a graveyard. When the ghouls met Jackson and Ray on the street, Jackson transformed from a handsome young man into a decomposing zombie with incredible make-up artistry; he then led a posse of undead in a choreographed dance routine that remains popular today.

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The rest of the video had Ray running from the ghouls and then when she was almost captured, the scary images disappeared and what was left was Jackson in his regular form. However, as a surprise ending, the final scene shows Jackson, with his arm around Ray, turning back to the camera with glowing yellow eyes, while you hear the cackling of horror-narrator Vincent Price in the background.

When the video first appeared on MTV on December 2, , it captured the imaginations of young and old and impressed everyone with the intensive make-up and special effects.

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Germania Oppenheimer 1 by Harald Gilbers 3. Eleven - 11 by Leon Sachs 4. Der Sarg by Arno Strobel 3. Kalte Stille by Wulf Dorn 3. Schnitt by Marc Raabe Goodreads Author 3. Imagine being able to hear rocks speak, hearts beat and snowflakes fall.

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Translator Katy Derbyshire on the gender imbalance in publishing to this day — and the long struggle of women writers to be noticed at all. From the literature of the Middle Ages to the influence of foreign cultures: a journey through German literature and its traces in the world. Hilbig's novel can be read as a satire about the Stasi and the GDR's literary scene. But it is also a commentary about life in an atmosphere where it is no longer possible to differentiate between victim and perpetrator. In communist East Germany, almost everyone spied on everyone else, as Wolfgang Hilbig describes in his espionage novel.

You might think your ex is a creep. But a mass murderer? Bernhard Schlink and "The Reader. The aging narrator of "Animal Triste" falls in love under the brachiosaurus at Berlin's natural history museum. When someone knows all about fine wines that's sexy. But a potato connoisseur? When people fall in love they sometimes do strange things. Read "Agnes" by Peter Stamm.

It's a nightmare: you're fleeing a war; you're surrounded by enemy soldiers. And then you have your baby in your arms.

You Are Wanted: the twisted TV thriller that proves no one’s cyber secrets are safe

What if you had to leave everything behind you? Have you ever experienced violence, felt seriously threatened? Martial arts training might be just the thing. What to do if your first great love leaves you for another? Marry the next best man like "Mrs.

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Sartoris" — for revenge! How would it be to find out that you are a different person than you thought? That your parents are not your parents? Featuring a world of melancholy urban neurotics and bon vivants in Berlin's Kreuzberg of the s, Sven Regener has created an authentic, amusing snapshot of the time. The novel's main character has long been cult. Sven Regener's novel "Berlin Blues gives readers a taste of what life was like before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Sometimes, books can seem more exciting than real life.

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What if you actually became part of the story? Can a book change your life? In "Night Train to Lisbon" a few lines trigger a quest that turns everything on its head! How far can we go before Nature strikes back? Julian is on the cusp of puberty in a tale of the powerlessness of childhood and hopes for the future. A strange man is found, hanging half dead at a playground.

Imagine you are one of the world's top scientists.

And you are plagued by fleas. Have you ever been to a party celebrating a new toilet? Would he be a travel blogger today? This book spanning over half a century depicts the portrait of a passionate young woman who blazes her own trail, but ends up paying a high price for it. What would drive a mother to abandon her only child? If you're looking for a romp through Berlin in the Roaring 20s, "Babylon Berlin" by Volker Kutscher is the book for you. The band Bronski Beat are pretty unmistakable.

Well, novelist Alina Bronsky's got a beat, too! A seemingly idyllic lakeside house whose history reflects the turbulence and brutality of the 20th century. But not when that's how you lose your first love. Christian veers between conformity and resistance in Uwe Tellkamp's "The Tower" about the end of communist East Germany. Never get sick again?