e-book Das Chaos da draußen: Wie Du Deinen autistischen Alltag besser bewältigen kannst (German Edition)

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I will show some exercises from yoga, pilates and exercises for a stronger back.

35th Chaos Communication Congress

The workshop can be held in English or German. In this workshop, I want to show you some exercises to stretch, relax and strengthen your back. We spend a lot of time sitting and it can be nice to know some exercises to release tension in your body when you have spent a long time in one position. If you have a mat or a blanket, it might be nice to bring it. There is no pre-knowledge required to attend the workshop. Luft, Wasser und Lebensmittel - entdecke einige interessante Eigenschaften der Stoffe aus deiner Umgebung.

Workshop with input on letter writing to prisoners Ending up in prison sucks. Ending up in prison with no support can destroy you.

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Going through this experience with support is really important for those who are ending up in it. Writing letters is one of the few things we can do for prisoners to break isolation between us and them. Lots of blinking stuff and Pixelflut. We're the Nextcloud community nextcloud. We can also show you Nextcloud demos, help you to get involved in our community, and of course, tell you everything about our new Nextcloud Include diversity program! GIG, the global network of social and technological innovators is bringing its members and their projects to the Congress for a showcase and interactive workshops - will follow -.

Freifunk kabelungebunden autark betreiben. The combination of the ongoing technological revolution, globalisation and what are usually called 'neo-liberal' economic policies has generated a global system of rentier capitalism in which property rights have supplanted free market principles and in which a new global class structure has taken shape. The 20th century income distribution system has broken down irretrievably, and a new mass class, the precariat has been growing dramatically fast in every part of the world.

What are the deeper reasons for these developments? How does an ecologically sustainable strategy look like? Is it possible to restore a balanced market economy in which inequalities and insecurities will lessen and in which the drift to populist and even neo-fascist politics will be reversed? This talk will try to provide answers. From the vulnerabilities that created the need of a new TLS version to the challenges of deploying it due to broken devices this talk will give an overview of the new TLS 1. In August the new version 1. In many ways TLS 1. As a bonus TLS 1.

If that sounds too good to be true: An optional, even faster mode of TLS 1. Though the road to TLS 1. Also some banks thought that TLS 1. The talk will give an overview of the developments that led to TLS 1. Restricting access to knowledge and science is not beneficial for society. So why are scientific results still locked up behind paywalls?

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Even though the answer to this question is enlightening, the story is quickly told. Much more important is the knowledge on how to change this.

Day 2 (2018-12-28)

Politics, research funders, libraries and scientists have to join forces and to push forward to flip scholarly communication from closed to open access. What has happened so far? What are the current developments?

What can each of these parties contribute to the transformation of scholarly communication? Open access guidelines, repositories and the hashtag ICanHazPDF are just a few examples of approaches that jointly undermine the paywalls. One that has been recognized even beyond the scientific community is Project DEAL which aims to achieve open access for scientific publications from German scientists with major academic publishers. Things are currently progressing very fast and a lot can happen in the weeks between now and the congress.

The talk will start with a brief introduction to the most common way of scholarly communication, where science is still mainly locked up behind paywalls. In line with the most recent developments, the talk will then focus on different approaches to open up science and their political and practical consequences. Whatever happens, the transformation of scholarly communication is well underway and it will affect not only the scientific community but society as a whole.

When a electrical device needs to be a piece of art or used as a mechanical component, a printed circuit board is more than a piece of fiberglass with wires embedded in it. In chemical engineering applications internal holes which allow fluids to be transported through the PCB need to be placed in complex precise patterns. As art, holes can be used to create positive and negative space, allowing you to see a charlieplexed LED display as a snowflake.

Day 1 (2018-12-27)

Creating complex shapes in PCB design software is difficult to impossible. However, it is easy in CAD software. Additionally, I will discuss the problems I have run into during manufacturing and how these problems were resolved. In this talk I will go over my project workflow and discuss how and why I do each step. I will also discuss problems I have run into during both the design and the manufacturing process. They can bring information from places that are impossible to observe through other means.

This talk provides a glimpse behind the scenes of a next-generation neutrino detector called Hyper-Kamiokande — a cylindrical water tank the size of a high-rise building. I will describe some of the problems you encounter when planning a subterranean detector of this size, and explain how this detector helps us figure out why the sun shines and how giant stars explode.

Neutrinos are tiny elementary particles that do not interact through the electromagnetic force. Almost like ghosts, they can literally go through walls and escape places that are inaccessible by other means, giving us a unique way of observing the interior of stars or nuclear reactors. Hyper-Kamiokande — a cylindrical water tank that is 62 m high and 76 m in diameter — is a next-generation neutrino detector, which will be built inside a mountain km northwest of Tokyo starting in The talk will give an overview on the process of designing and building a subterranean detector of this size, starting from preparations for cavern construction and ending with the design of photodetectors, electronics and data analysis.

In addition, the talk will cover selected areas of the physics programme of this detector.

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  • 35th Chaos Communication Congress.
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  • Finally, I will explain how such a neutrino detector can help us watch, millisecond by millisecond, how giant stars explode in a supernova, creating many of the chemical elements that are necessary for life and computers to exist. Angel introduction meeting for Subtitles Angels. All Subtitles Angels are required to attend at least once. Let's take care of it and bring it to a good end. A small travel from broken metal chunks to "undocumented user accounts" and other security holes. There will be a recap of security problems from well known and also lesser known products presented.

    IT resp. Not only for criminals but also for scientists, programmers and users. Therefore I would like to underpin this statement with this lecture.

    Tanztendenz München e.V.

    B0rken processors, authentification bypasses all around, behind every corner a Remote Code Execution waiting for you and sometimes even some 0days jumps out of nowhere. I want to review together with the audience the best security disasters from Maybe we can reveal some trends that are happening in the disaster industry. Besides having an entertaining lecture I want also reflect on consequences of such security failures and what we can hopefully learn about it.

    If the demo gods are not on holiday, I will present a live demo. You will probably see your software and hardware differently after this lecture. The official start of our orbit. With a keynote and a short introduction of all involved communities. Dabei ist mir aufgefallen, dass die netzpolitischen AfD-Abgeordneten in ihrem Verhalten eher einem kooperationsorientierten statt einem krawallorientierten Parlamentariertyp innerhalb ihrer Fraktion zuzuordnen sind. Diese Beobachtungen werden mit einer Reihe von Beispielen illustriert. Er belegt dies anhand zahlreicher Beispiele aus dem parlamentarischen Alltag und zeigt auf, wo diese Strategie bereits aufgeht und wo nicht.

    Let's build up an activisti calendar of actions taking place in where we already know, support is needed. For the upcoming fights.

    Autismus: Ich habe das Asperger Syndrom!⎜Auf Klo

    Share your knowledge, bring your needs, offer your network and ressources. We fight together.