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Washington: Three Continents Press, Miriam Cooke, Nimrod 24 no.

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Matthias Munsch fr. German , Banipal 1 Feb.

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Monteil, Vincent, Anthologie bilingue de la litterature arabe contemporaine, Beirut: Imprimerie Catholique, n. Mona Zaki, Banipal 12 Autumn : John Perry, Leiden: E. Brill, Nasr, Hasan, "The child and the Fish, trans. Young, in Translation 11 Fall , Issa J. Boullata, Journal of Arabic Literature Vol. Ryder, in Translation 11 Fall , XXVII no. Salim, Nizar, "A Cigarette Butt," tr. Hadie el-Taie, Gilgamesh 2 , Three large rivers, moreover, had to be crossed, and the passage of them caused the greatest fear. Two of them were equal to each other, but neither of them equalled the Narbada.

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After crossing those rivers, hills, and many depths, the raja of Telingana sent twenty-three powerful elephants for the royal service. The tempestuous army moved swiftly, like a hurricane, to Gurganw. Everywhere the accursed tree that produced no religion was found and torn up by the roots, and the people who were destroyed were like trunks carried along in the torrent of the Jihun, or like straw tossed up and down in a whirlwind and carried forward.

When the army reached the Tawi Tapti , they saw a river like the sea.

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The soldiers crossed it by a ford quicker than the hurricane which they resembled, and afterwards employed themselves in cutting down jungles and destroying gardens. On Thursday, the 13th of Ramazan, A.

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The Maharaja, Ram Deo, who had heard safety proclaimed by the dreadful Mohammedan timbals, considered himself secure under the protection assured to him, and, true to his allegiance, forwarded with all his heart the preparations necessary for the equipment of the army sent by the court, so as to render it available for the extermination of rebels and the destruction of the Bir and Dhur Samundar. The city was adorned in honour of the occasion, and food and clothes were supplied in abundance to the Mussulmans.

The Mohammedan army remained for three days and departed on the seventeenth of Ramazan from the Imanabad Deogir to the. Kharababad of Paras Deo Dalvi, advancing for five stages, in which three large rivers, the Sini, Godavari, and Binhur, were crossed and also some other frightful streams. On Sunday, the twenty-third of Ramazan, A. If you desire horses like demons, and elephants like fiends, and valuables like those of Deogir, they are all present. If you wish to destroy the four walls of this fort, they are no obstacle to your advance.

The fort is the fort of the king; take it. When the raja received this reply, he said he was ready to give up all he possessed, except his sacred thread. On Friday, the sixth of Shawwal, the raja sent Balak Deo Naik, Narain Deo, and Jit Mal, with some others, to bow before the royal tent, and these envoys were accompanied by six elephants.

Next day some horses followed and on Sunday, the sun-worshipper, Billal Deo, seeing the splendour of the sword of Islam above his head, bowed beneath it, descended from his fortress, and came before the shadow of the shadow of God, in whose presence, trembling and abject, he prostrated himself upon the earth and rubbed the forehead.

In this range there are two passes — one Sarmali, the other Tabar. After traversing the passes, they arrived at night on the banks of the river Kanobari and bivouacked on the sands. Thence they departed for Birdhul, massacring and devastating all around it.

The Raja Bir intended at first to flee for refuge to his islands in the ocean, but as he was not able to carry out this plan, his attendants counselled him to flee by land. With a small amount of treasure and property he deserted the city and fled to Kandur, yet even there he dared not remain, but fled again to the jungles. They were half-Hindus and not strict in their religious observances, but as they could repeat the profession of faith, the Sultan of Islam.

Though they were worthy of death, yet, as they were Mussalmans, they were pardoned. After returning to Birdhul, Malik Kafur again pursued the raja to Kandur and took elephants, one of which was laden with jewels.