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When she was turned down for a job she thought she had wanted, she went on to do a PhD in creative writing. Not getting the job was one of those roads not taken. And really use my imagination and my own voice. I was probably a fairly rigid writer for a time. In hindsight, by the time I left I was very depressed with the work, and "administrivia" and office politics. I don't think I am built for it; I don't think that anyone is. She grew up as an only child on a farm near Young, NSW, which she says was "pretty foundational".

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Her father was a fifth-generation farmer who went on to get a law degree, make his own furniture from wood and hand-build a house of stone and wood on the NSW coast. As a young girl she would spend days at a time camping among the iron barks on a hill at the back of the property, already savouring solitude among trees. It sort of reveals who I was from a fairly early age. On a wave of euphoria at their new writing life in the forest, Simpson and her partner bought the house next door to turn into a writers' retreat.

By then they had left their jobs and were living by writing. With two mortgages, a massive tax bill and an overdraft, they were soon overwhelmed by debt. They tried everything, but Simpson says they "failed spectacularly". The writers' retreat house was sold at a significant loss, bringing more debt, and eventually Simpson's partner left. She says during this time she learned to live in the moment: "To block everything out, just exist in each day.

To take pleasure in every meal, each tree, each bird.

Simpson was broken. But just as the forest regenerates, so did she.

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She had come to look after the forest, instead it looked after her. I need to be more tree and less me. Alone with the night orchestra of bird, frog and cicada, she was free to roam in her writing. She planted hundreds of trees, made the notes that would become Understory , and wrote. She published her first novel, Mr Wigg , in She completed a second PhD, in the history of nature writing in Australia.

All of her novels are primarily about place, about the natural world. But Understory has got a lot of that out of her system. I wasn't always sure I would get my nature writing published but having a chance to express myself in such a direct way in Understory I do feel freer now in my next novel. And the environmental stuff, my nature stuff, I can just keep to my non-fiction, which I think will work well. Towards the end of Understory, you feel that she is such a part of the forest that removing her would be like ripping out one of the giant cedars that were chopped down in the s.

A Sound Among the Trees A Novel

Her going would leave a gash in the forest. But in the end there is not a choice. External forces come into play. Finishing the book is an ending. As she writes: "It isn't what is there, but what we see.

It's what we bring to a place, and what it gives us. Inga Simpson: Sorting the wood from the trees in writing and life.

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Jodi Picoult, make room at the top. Meissner stunned me as she skillfully grappled with those mysteries. I left the book resolved to live joyfully in the sacredness of today. We long for our loved ones to be seated at our holiday tables, gathered cozy in our festive living rooms, and posing for family photos at the blazing hearth. We want to be home and we want everyone we love to be home with us.

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And yet when we think of that first Christmas, we think of joy, serenity, [ … ]. Marielle Bishop gets more than she bargained for when she leaves the Arizona desert she loves to marry into a Fredericksburg family with deep historical roots. As rumors of a Civil War ghost abound and secrets begin to be unearthed in her new home at Holly Oak, Marielle must sort through it all as she learns to embrace her new life as wife and stepmother.

When a prodigal daughter unexpectedly shows up, new revelations bring about surprising truth, prompting all to wonder whether the perceived curse can be lifted. Download the reading guide now. A Sound Among the Trees is getting rave reviews from professional sources and book bloggers alike!

Check out what others have said and then pick up a copy for yourself! Robin: This book captured my heart!

A sound among the trees: [a novel]

In the book, Marielle Bishop, who has watched all her friends marry and begin families, has at last found love online. A line of women with a heritage of loss. Praise Praise for A Sound Among the Trees "Meissner delivers a delightful page-turner that will surely enthrall readers from beginning to end. News Home for the Holidays December 17,